I already have cloned an SVN repository using git-svn. But now a new
directory has appeared in the SVN repo which are outside of the
standard directories - trunk, branch, and tag. To track directory I
manually added the following to my .git/config file:

[svn-remote "new_dir"]
        url = http://path/to/my/repo/root
        fetch = relative/path/to/new_dir:refs/remotes/new_dir

And when I ran 'git svn fetch new_dir', it gave a couple of errors in
the beginning, with the usual consolation messages. But it didn't
actually do any fetches, and the new_dir branch isn't present in 'git
branch -a'. If I run the command again, it is silent and does nothing.

Isn't what above the right configuration? Could somebody point out
what's wrong here?


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