On Wed, Oct 28, 2009 at 11:04:27AM -0700, artem wrote:
> Hello! Tell me please if there some nice and usefull gui to make git
> diff between two commits. Is it possbile in Eclipse/egit or in any
> another gui tool? I did not found any way to do this yet.

git-cola: http://cola.tuxfamily.org/
There are several diff modes.
You can review branches, enter arbitrary diff expressions,
compare arbitrary commits, etc.

gitk: left-click on one commit, right-click on another and
        choose one of the diff options.  This one has that nice
        treeview that lets you choose commits from a tree.

Once you've chosen a diff option then you can right-click on one
of the filenames and choose "external diff".

But.. if you just want a side-by-side diff, then what you really
want is 'git difftool'.

'git difftool' is packaged with git.
It accepts the same arguments as 'git diff'.

        $ git difftool HEAD^
        $ git difftool origin/master..mybranch

Here's the link to the docs.  Batteries are included
(it supports *lots* of 3rdparty merge/diff tools).




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