On 30 list, 17:11, "Michael P. Soulier" <msoul...@digitaltorque.ca>
> Silly question, but why would you want to?

i have infrastructure for deploying a web app structured that way and
it wasn't a problem with subversion (i'm in process of switching from
svn to git).
what i don't understand is that i could do:
- "git clone source-url tmp" and move everything from tmp one folder
up (root folder)
but i can't do:
- git clone source-url .

please note that i don't mind adding a few lines to my deployment
script to clone repository to tmp folder and then move everything to
project root folder but i'm actually asking is there some technical
reason why this is wrong and why i just can't clone a repository to
current folder?

Aljosa Mohorovic

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