Heres my situation.

I'm working on a project for a client, company C and gradually taking
over from another company, company B which was doing this project.
It's a peaceful transition.

Until now the main repo has been on github in a private repo under
company B's account, let's call this repo B

We want to set up a complete copy of this repo, complete with all
branches, tags, etc. to another private github repo which is owned by
company C, I'll call this repo C

Company B first thought that all that we needed to do was to create
the new repo on Github, as a fork of the original one.

Unfortunately this didn't pickup all of the branches etc.

So we deleted repo C, and created a new empty one, and then tried to
use git push --mirror repo_c from a machine with a local repo which
had been attached to repo B

But looking at the repo either through git or the github web interface
I only see a few branches, apparently those which were known locally.

So is there an easy way to copy the complete contents of one remote
git repo to another, with all branches, tags, and commit history.

Alternatively is there an easy way to fetch/pull all branches and tags
from one remote before git push --mirror to another?

Rick DeNatale


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