On 05/11/09 Mike Q said:

> I've been trying to use Git on my company laptop.  It is a windows
> laptop, and the disk is encrypted.  You have to enter a password on
> boot before the disk can be read and the operating system loaded.  I
> have installed cygwin, and I manually git from source.
> The problem is that whenever I reboot my laptop - my git repositories
> get corrupted!  I can use git all day long if I don't reboot - but the
> second I do, they're toast:
> error: non-monotonic index .git/objects/pack/
> pack-6995f64bd54a452594406f6052b425fd453afef3.idx
> error: inflate: data stream error (incorrect header check)
> error: corrupt loose object '601f03e689c32f7b32694fd26cbeacaf03a0b0c6'
> fatal: object 601f03e689c32f7b32694fd26cbeacaf03a0b0c6 is corrupted
> Is there any way to fix this problem?

Don't use windows? No idea. An encrypted filesystem should obviously not be
altering your data. One that does is fundamentally broken. The only reason git
would think that the db is corrupt is if the files have changed.

So, I would look at the encrypted filesystem and find out what it is doing

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