On 2009/11/20, at 00:58 , Michael P. Soulier wrote:

> I don't know if you can nest names like that. Try using referances that aren't
> substrings of each other.

Sure you can. Think of :

        release-1.0 and

I'd say that is a common use case.

I've seen he ambiguous messages when I track remotes with the same name locally 
using git svn as the origin.
eg) trying to branch and track a remote/foo that originates as a branch in an 
svn repository.

I cannot reproduce it easily since I've started a convention of using local- to 
prefix my tracking branches.

Alan Hawrylyshen
Alan Hawrylyshen
a l a n a t p o l y p h a s e d o t c a


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