Hello all, I'm slowly getting myself up to speed on git, having used
CVS and SVN previously. I think I have the basics figured out and have
done some tests, but the git way of branching and cloning repositories
still has me slightly confused -- partly in the "how should I use
these in practice?" sense.

So, I'm trying to figure out how to set up a repository structure for
a set of small projects. The use case is:

- All the code will live in a central remote repository or
repositories. I'll check out ("pull") code changes to my actual
working copy repositories (on laptop or desktop) as needed, and push
back changes periodically.

- I want to have a code template which I will use as the base for all
new projects (it's Ruby on Rails code). That template will exists as a
project of its own, and will contain shared functionality I want in
all projects; user management, authentication, etc.

- As noted, new projects will start off with a copy of the template,
but then evolve into whatever app they need to be. Changes made to the
app will generally only go into the app codebase, not the template.

- *But* I also want to be able to merge in changes from the template
at times (for example, if I change/fix the authentication code I want
those changes propagated to all the apps too).

I realize that there are probably many ways to do this with git,
but... how would you organize this? Are there some "best practices" I
should be following with something like this?

All hints appreciated :)



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