I'm trying to sync one SVN repository to a sub directory of a second
one using git-svn.  I'll show how I'm mostly successfully doing that
below. The problem I'm having is that I want the original commit
author names to be preserved in the sync'ed repository.   git-svn's
man page talks about --use-log-author and --add-author-from which
looks like just the ticket, however when I try to use the first to
create the upstream connection I get:

  Unknown option: use-log-author

And, similar when I add --add-author-from to create my downstream
connection it complains that this flag is also unknown.  I'm using and have also tried  These flags were supposed to be
added in 1.5.4.  I tried sussing out the git & git-svn code but didn't
get very far and google failed me.

Any ideas?


PS: for the record, and not that the details matter but here is how I
am doing the sync w/out the problematic flags (watch for line wrap)

# Initialize repository

git-svn --id=upstream --svn-remote=upstream init --use-log-author
--prefix=upstream/ --user=USER

git svn --id=downstream --svn-remote=downstream init --use-log-author
--add-author-from --user=USER

git-svn fetch upstream

git-svn fetch downstream

git-checkout -t -b local-upstream upstream

git-checkout -t -b local-downstream downstream

# To do a sync:

git checkout local-upstream

git rebase local-downstream

git checkout local-downstream

git rebase local-upstream

git-svn dcommit

git branch -D local-upstream

git checkout -t -b local-upstream upstream


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