I'm working on some rails code. I build a plugin (subdirectory) for a
project tracked in git (using my own remote repository). The code is
all in the Project repository. But now, I realized I need the plugin
in other projects and so now I want to make it into a submodule.

I understand the basics of submodules and even use a lot of Rails
plugins as submodules via github, but I don't quite get the best way
to turn an existing directory of code into a submodule? If I have:

~/project/   => my rails project
~/project/vendor/plugins/foo/   => my plugin that I want to turn into
a submodule

and I've got "project" referenced to: mygitrepo.myhost.com:/var/git/

what comes next?

I appreciate any steps or URLs to docs/blogs that would help. Thanks!



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