> Just one more thing to add here. How do i tag the whole content inside my 
> branch? As paul said, if i do 10 commits only the final commit will be 
> tagged. Now for example if i will branch-off from the master branch and start 
> work from there and i want to give a final tag on the branch what i am 
> working till now. Is it possible in GIT ?

Hi Vijay,

Yes, this is possible in git, and easy too.  Here's an example (without the 
response from git, for clarity):

First make a repo, make one commit on master and tag it

$ git init foo
$ cd foo
$ date > file
$ git add file
$ git commit -m one
$ git tag -a FIRST -m FIRST

Now create a branch, two commits, and tag the HEAD of the branch

$ git checkout -b dev
$ date > file; git commit -a -m two
$ sleep 1; date > file; git commit -a -m three
$ git tag -a SECOND -m SECOND

Now look at the log

$ git log --oneline --decorate
f28c7ce (tag: SECOND, dev) three
91dc711 two
db9c558 (tag: FIRST, master) one

Notice the two tags, and the different branches they are on.  Your tree now 
looks like this:

    o master (FIRST)
      o---o dev (SECOND)

> Also how do i see the content inside a commit? if i run "git log " it just 
> shows the commit id and the author.


        $ git log -p

to show you the patches as well as the commit message, committer, sha1 etc.

        $ git show <sha1>

to show you a specific commit with message, committer, sha1 etc.



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