On Dec 13, 7:39 pm, Mark Rosenberg <markrosenberg01460...@gmail.com>
> There appear to be several options with respect to GIT clients, UIs,
> etc for use on the Windows XP platform. As someone about to start
> using GIT, I'd appreciate learning from this form which of the various
> options are best (and worst).
Use msysgit [1] -- it contains most of the usual Git tools and is
native (that is, does not require installation and maintenance of
As it is constantly evolving, it is recommended to grab the latest
(beta) version.
Before starting, be sure to read the provided README file and check
the wiki.
This is because the "impedance mismatch" between POSIX and Windows
is way too high in some cases and making certain things work requires
performing certain documented tricks.

Msysgit has at least two "conventional" GUI tools packaged: gitk and
It's enough for the most typical usage scenario.
If you need Explorer integration, check TortoiseGit [2] and Git
Extensions [3].
There is also "Git Cheetah" [4] -- a GUI tool from msysgit folks aimed
cross-platform (!) integration to different "file managers" (including
Explorer on Windows), but I'm not sure it's production-grade quality

Also beware of these cross-platform interoperability issues:
* There's no way to reliably manage files with non-ASCII filenames
  across diffrent platforms (Windows and POSIX).
* If you intend to use non-ASCII characters in your commit messages,
  be sure to read the relevant section of the git-log manual page,
  pick a suitable strategy to cope with the problem and and tune
  your setup accordingly.

1. http://msysgit.googlecode.com
2. http://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/
3. http://code.google.com/p/gitextensions/
4. http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/wiki/GitCheetah


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