you are correct, the changes were because the file permission was
changed. i did a git reset --hard HEAD to reset the changes.
the external HDD is of the type 'fuseblk'.

Also, any reason why the file permission changes while copying the
For now i tarred the whole folder and copied it to the HDD.

two useful links were:


On Dec 5, 5:57 am, Jeffrey <> wrote:
> > Also try to use the "-a" option to the cp command -- this is how
> > it actually supposed to be used. Or try good old tar.
> > As far as your disk space is not an issue, I'd stick to the first
> > colution.
> Yep, the modifications you saw were presumably permissions changes.
> They could be unavoidable, though - I think external drives are
> generally sold pre-formatted FAT32, so you'll copy the files and
> they'll all turn executable...


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