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> I have a big project. I would like to evaluate another simulator
> against the one I'm using.
> Hence I would like to know whether I can create git branches
> * design
> * simulator1
> * simulator2
>  and use two branches at the same time, where branch "design" will be
> common to the rest.
> The branch "design" will have project materials.
> The branch "simulator1" will contain only files to use sources from
> branch "design".
> The branch "simulator2" will contain only files to use sources from
> branch "design".

I completely fail to understand what do you mean by "using at the same
time". You surely can have any number of branches to exist at any
given time, as a branch is nothing more than a file in your repository
which contains a name of the tip commit on that branch.

If you, on the other hand, ask whether you can have more than one
branch *checked out* at the same time, that is, whether you can have
several working trees (or working directories or whatever wording you
prefer) for the same repository at the same time, then the answer is
no. If this is what you actually wanted to ask, you can sort of work
around the issue by cloning the original repository to another
directory on the same filesystem (possibly using shallow cloning, see
--depth command-line option to git-clone): when you use bare directory
names when cloning, Git will try to use hardlinking. After testing you
can just remove the whole cloned repository.

If you still need "full" support for several parallel checkouts, look
at Bazaar.


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