On Jan 4, 6:03 am, fester225 <fes...@rucls.net> wrote:

> > > I'm attempting to use Git ( to bisect Wine.
> > > When I ran: git bisect start, I got: fatal: invalid reference: master.
> > > How do I get rid of the error?
> > What does `git branch` show to you?
> ~/wine-git$ git branch
> * (no branch)

That's odd. It means you have no local branches at all, while under
normal circumstances `git clone` should have created a local branch
named "master" to thack the same named remote branch.

Now do this:
1) Run `git branch -a` -- it also should show you remote branches (if
2) If the output lists the remote branch named "master" (say, "origin/
master") create the local "master" branch to track it using
   git checkout master origin/master

If you will not see the remote master branch, I'd recommend starting
afresh with `git clone`.
If you will see a bunch of remote branches but no "master", then it
means wine developers have their own peculiar naming scheme for their
lines of work, -- ask them what branch you're supposed to work with.
This branch can be specified in a call to `git clone` if it's not
named "master".


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