I want to use git to manage the system configuration (/etc/...) for a 
number of Linux servers in my network. Right now, on every machine, 
/etc/ is a git repository where I locally commit after every change to 
config files, software upgrades etc.

Now I thought that it would be great to have a central git repository 
that stores the configuration that is the same for all machines and I 
could do
 server-1 $ (edit config)
 server-1 $ git commit
 server-1 $ git push
and then on all other servers:
 server-n $ git pull
to get the changes.

However, there is a number of problems with that:
 * Each machine has of course some files whose content is local to that 
machine (e.g. /etc/hostname).
 * Each machine has folders that are beyond the "core config" (e.g. 
/etc/apache2 for a web server and /etc/postgresql for a database 
I also want these local files and folders to be under revision control 
using git, but I don't know what is a/the best possible way to do it, 
i.e. have the "general part" and the "local part", all mixed up in one 

One way to go, I guess, would be to have
  /etc -- general part
  /etc_local -- local part
and just symlink everything that's not part of the general config from 
/etc_local to /etc. But maybe someone else has a better idea?

Thanks for your help,

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