On Jan 21, 10:23 pm, Jeffda <daniel.viviot...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Is it possible to allow commit, or patch apply, permissions for a
> user, but only if they aren't the ones that made the modification? For
> instance, if someone submits a patch to the user, the user will be
> able to apply the patch; however, if the user creates a patch, the
> user shouldn't have the ability to apply the patch. Is this possible
> with GIT?

I have no idea about why you would need such a puzzling requiement for
your setup, but it seems the way to go (wich will work only if your
users are below certain level of incompetence) is to create your own
wrapper on top of Git (or even a GUI tool) which would: a) allow only
a limited subset of operations; b) check input data for them. Note
that while working with such a wrapper, the user should not ever
notice it is dealing with Git; otherwise inventing such contraptions
is futile.
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