Hi all,

I've been using git for over a year now and have nothing but great
things to say about it. But every once in a while I start thinking of
my workflow and how to improve it along with my use of git and other
things. A questions that I keep trying to answer is what a commit
should be. I know what it is technically but in theory what should I
commit? A feature? My daily changes? What if it's a change I haven't

I read about, for example, cherry-picking commits and can't help
thinking my commits are not really cherry-pickeable. I often commit
partial changes and not "whole features". I do create branches per
feature but you can't really cherry-pick a branch, can you? If one
should commit only done features, what's the best practice to protect
partial changes and not risk them by not committing them?

I may be thinking too much. Sorry.

How do you define a commit?

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