On Feb 13, 2:49 am, Vincent P <ease...@gmail.com> wrote:
> How do I get to a branch from another computer?
> Say: I have a branch "experiment" on laptop A.  I've committed it and
> pushed it to the repo.  Now I go to laptop B, I clone the repo.  The
> only branch I see on laptop B is "master".  How can get to the
> "experiment" branch from laptop B?

Sure, because `git clone` essentially does `git fetch` + `git checkout
-b master origin/master` unless this behaviour modified by command-
line options.
Cloning does not automatically create tracking local branches for any
fetched remote branches.
So you just have to do something like
git branch experimental origin/experimental
git checkout experimental
or, in one step,
git checkout -b experimental origin/experimental

To see what remote branches your local repository knows use
git branch -r

All branches (local and remote) can be viewed using
git branch -a

You can also use
git remote show origin
to view disposition of local branches with regard to remote ones (when
offline, add "-n" option to not contact the remote repository).

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