Can you tell me more about hooking scripts to git actions?

On Mar 1, 12:06 am, will <> wrote:
> Hee hee me too!
> Here are a couple of thoughts -- I discovered by accident that Git
> skips 'hidden' files (either .XXX or hidden attribute on win/stuff).
> You can commit a hidden file with an explicit Add
> You can hook scripts to git actions like a checkout, so the scripts
> you have now could go there.
> In some VC and CM packages there is a "no get" option for checkout.  I
> also noticed with Git it doesn't overwrite read-only files unless you
> 'make it'.
> ... Between us we might come  up with enough small things to get a
> gestalt idea!! :-)
> w.
> On Feb 24, 9:04 am, "" <> wrote:
> > On Feb 24, 1:00 am, drewB <> wrote:
> > > I work with a small team of developers and there is one file
> > > (db.config) under version control that I need to be different than the
> > > other team members.  Unfortunately, the powers that be have determined
> > > that we can't take the file out of version control for deployment
> > ...
> > > The best solution I could come up with is to write a shell script for
> > > running git commands.  The script makes a copy of my db.config and
> > > then overwrites it with a version that matches what is in the remote
> > I have similar problem with a file include/config.php, that is
> > different for each users.
> > What i have done is rename the file to config-sample.php, now when i
> > package software for deployment, i run a shell script, that rename
> > config-sample.php to config.php

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