On Mar 4, 8:12 am, Marcin Krol <mrk...@gmail.com> wrote:
> git checkout master
> doesn't [[check out files deleted from working tree]]
> I can do:
> git checkout test.txt
> and the file reappears in working treee. But that requires specifying
> files one by one; suppose there's a lot of them. Is there any way to
> mass-checkout all of them?

If you only want to restore all unstaged deletions, then

    git ls-files -z --deleted | xargs -0 git checkout --

If you want to discard all unstaged changes, then

    git checkout -- .

If you want to discard staged changes to previously tracked files
(freshly added files will remain), then

    git checkout HEAD -- .

If you want to discard all staged changes, then

    git reset --hard

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