Thanks Jeffrey

... I'll have another look at cherry-picking.  Last I looked, it
wasn't quite the bees-knees.  Don't get me wrong, I think GIT is a
great tool.  Like every tool, "not everything is a nail".  Therein
lies the rub *lol*  Just for establishing my credibility; Git might be
something like my 15th source/version control package.

I don't have answers to some of those propositions -- Each project
demands its own //stuff// ... Philosophically I accept that ends don't
justify the means.  I tend to FEEL quite strongly these days (as a
largely kinaesthetic person) that the process should serve "decent"
END-s.  Or in a TQM / SixSigma frame: "agreed Ends".

I have a pretty good handle on the 'best bits' as well as the 'missing
bits' from those 15 experiences -- I ignored the big bad corporate #16
a former employer kept telling me "was better" than JADE for version-
ed objects.  And, ...

That is the main reason I prefer Git -- you can't 'version
objects' (in any pragmatic form, that I've found).  I realise that may
sound deluded.  That's OK too.

You have good tips Jeffrey and I'm letting go of my un-git sinful ways
until needs must (as they always do).


On Mar 4, 11:58 am, Jeffrey <> wrote:
> Unfortunately I don't have time for a full reply right now, but
> essentially everything I said about actually implementing auto-merging
> applies to implementing auto-cherry-picking.  (Cherry-picking means
> taking a commit from one place, and applying the same patch somewhere

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