On 31 Mar, 21:31, vfclists <vfcli...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> When I run 'git remote show origin' the output states that a git push/
> pull/fetch will fetch and push a number of branches on the remote.
> Is there a way to push only a particular branch and ignore the others?
> The git branch docs show this example.
> ***
> Delete an unneeded branch
>     $ git clone git://git.kernel.org/.../git.git my.git
>     $ cd my.git
>     $ git branch -d -r origin/todo origin/html origin/man   (1)
> ***
> Does the 'git branch -d -r' option delete the local copies of the
> remote branches, or the remote copies?
> If I were to apply them without the origin prefix would it delete just
> the local ones?

to remove branch you can run:
 * git branch -d localname # to remove local branch
 * git push origin :localname # to remove localname from origin

same way you can remove tags:
 * git tag -d sometag # local remove
 * git push origin :sometag # to remove tag in origin

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