I am in charge of reverse engineering a project where there is no
version control system.

This project starts from an other project, let's call them
ChildProject and ParentProject.

So ChildProject starts from ParentProject-v1 and then evolves.

One day, there was a new version of ParentProject, let's say

Some new features have been taken from this new version and introduced
into ChildProject.

And finally the ChildProject-v1 arrives.

I have the code of ParentProject-v1, ParentProject_v2 and ChildProject-

I would like to "recreate" history for this project and I am thinking
using git.

There are thousand of quite long files.

I imagine having a branch ParentProject with version v1 and v2 and a
ChildProject branch starting from ParentProject v1.

With scripts based on diff, I thing I can check each file of
ChildProject to see if it cames from ParentProject-v1 or ParentProject-
v2. So I can merge some files from ParentProject-v2 to the
ChildProject branch.

What do you thing of this approach ?

Do you have better ideas ? How git can help here ?

Thanks to help me,


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