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> I'm a begginer with git and I'm currently using it with a repo I've
> created so we can work together on our project.
> Now I would like to use Gitorious for my project but keep my original
> repo and have both updated
> And I can't get it working, could someone explain me a way to have two
> repo at the same time.
> Like I can clone either the webrepo or the local and have all the
> files updated by pulling it

Try to rephrase your question as I, for instance, failed to get what
you are really trying to achieve.

At first, Git can fetch changes from any repo you wish any time -- you
simply give it an URL and Git fetches from there. You can also push to
any URL.
Next, Git supports the concept of "remotes" -- named repositories
which you intend to "track" (watch the developments occuring in them)
or push your own work to. You can have any number of remotes.

This is what Git allows, and you should think out your workflow based
on these premises.

As to your question, again, it seems to me that you're confusing
remote repositories (gitorious) with local repositories. This is
normal from people coming from centralized VCSs like Subversion. So
possibly read some book/tutorial on Git first to get the idea about
how local and remote repositories relate, why the distinction between
them is just a matter of an agreed upon policy, and might be you will
be able to answer your question yourself.

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