Hi All

I have an issue that I think I can resolve in a messy way, but I suspect there 
has to be a cleaner way to do this too.

On one computer I have master, plus a branch with some work on it. Let's call 
that branch B.

On a different computer I made a change and pushed that to the shared 

Now I want to go back to the first computer, pull the changes so that master 
reflects the current shared repository. That would put master ahead of the 
branch point, but I want to have those changes viewed in branch B too.

Ideally there would be some way to rip a branch off and re-graft it on to a 
different branch point.

It seems I could do something like

-- Starting on branch B --
git commit -m "B work in progress"
git checkout master
git pull
git branch B-continued
git checkout B-continued
git merge B
git branch -d B
-- Continue working on B-continued--

But there must be a neater way.....



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