On Apr 19, 11:20 am, badnaam <asitkmis...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have followed the direction 
> athttp://help.github.com/working-with-key-passphrases/
> and modified my .bashrc to launch ssh-agent. The keys use standard
> names but i keep getting prompted for the passphrase everytime I do a
> pull or push. What am I missing?

Most probably you forgot to run `ssh-add` to actually make the
decrypted key known to the SSH agent.
You have to do this each time your log in and want to use your key.

Also it may be clearer to understand the issue, if you stop thiking of
this as about "passphrase saving" -- it's not passphrase saving as
implemented in Subversion, for instance, it's just a way to decrypt
your private SSH key once per session and cache it by the means of the
SSH agent for the lifetime of this program being run.

Hence, you should also make sure to make ssh-agent stop when you log

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