On Apr 21, 2010, at 10:43, anand wrote:

> I am using git for a fairly large win32 project. And I often switch
> between 3 branches. Each branch represents different versions of the
> same product that I work. One of them uses visual studio 2005 to build
> while the other 2 use VS2008. The problem is, when I switch between
> branches I have to rebuild the entire project every time. This becomes
> a real pain when I have to switch between the branches many times a
> day. To resolve the problem, I did a local clone of the repo but each
> clone consumes nearly 2-3GB of space. Is there an efficient way that
> uses less space (i.e reduce the need for clones) and reduces the need
> to rebuild every time I switch between branches.

This sounds more like a problem with your build system.
Can you put build artifacts in a release-dependent sub-directory?
That might fix is all with a single repository and would be an approach I would 


Alan Hawrylyshen
a l a n a t p o l y p h a s e d o t c a

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