> > Anyone have a good way to do likewise, but get the date of the last
> > commit as of the tag, instead of the date the tag was created?

On May 26, 10:49 am, Konstantin Khomoutov <khomou...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I suspect it's as simple as using
> $ git show 1.0.0^
> that is, referencing the first (and only) parent of the tag object.

Not quite. Plain "^" works on commit objects, not tag objects. So
"tagname^" is interpreted in a way similar to “we need to find a
parent (^), so interpret the preceding part (tagname) as a commit,
then find its first parent”. This means you get the first parent of
the tagged commit, not the tagged commit itself.

In a git.git clone:

    % git log -2 --oneline v1.7.1
    d599e04 Git 1.7.1
    34c071a Merge branch 'maint'
    % git rev-parse v1.7.1
    % git rev-parse v1.7.1^

There is a syntax for what the original poster wants though. The full
syntax is  "tagname^{commit}", but "tagname^0" is a shortcut version.

Also in git.git (see earlier output to match up the SHA-1 object

    % git rev-parse v1.7.1^{commit}
    % git rev-parse v1.7.1^0

Thus, to "git show" just commit under a "1.0.0" tag:

    git show 1.0.0^0

But, if the date is the only bit of information of interest, there is
an easier way to extract just the date(s) from the commit under a tag.

    % git log -1 --pretty=tformat:%ad v1.7.1
    Fri Apr 23 18:27:17 2010 -0700
    % git log -1 --pretty=tformat:%cd v1.7.1
    Fri Apr 23 18:27:17 2010 -0700

Note that since "git log" works with commits, it will automatically
dereference tag names (or other refs) into their underlying commit.

The first (%ad) extracts the author date and the second (%cd) extracts
the committer date. These are often the same, but may differ in
commits made by cherry picking, rebasing, or when using a patches-over-
email type workflow. Also, if the dates are going to be immediately
parsed by some other program, then --date=raw might also be useful.


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