Hi everyone,

I am trying to do 'git pull' to an existing workspace. I did the
following initially (init/sync/checkout). Now every 1 minute, I want
to pull the content from the remote repo, and compare the commit IDs
with the previous list of commit IDs. If the commit IDs differ (ie
there is new content), then execute the build.

These are the commands I use. I want to make sure I am using the right
once, because though I see that there are new commits, when I do the
pull, it says its upto date. Am I using the right parameters ?

initial commands when the workspace was created,

repo init -u 
-b eclair
repo sync
repo forall -c "git checkout -b google_code android-2.1_r2"

After that, every minute I am doing the pull as,
repo forall -c "git pull 
android-2.1_r2  --tags"

Is this the right command ?


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