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Sam Sherlock <sam.sherl...@gmail.com> wrote:

Hello Sam,

The point of this wiki page is to have ability to change ssh-keys on
the fly then you dealing with *one* hostname (in case of Assembla is
git.assembla.com). If you have multiple hostnames
(youproject.github.com, youproject2.github.com) you don't need this
staff as you can configure keys per hostname in ~/.git/config.

> It  seems that I need to have the gitssh script described here
> https://www.assembla.com/wiki/show/breakoutdocs/Different_SSH_keys_for_different_projects
> I seem to need to follow the instructions on the link above and the
> one previously posted then it works (I deleted the gitssh script in
> order to remove things that are not required - I think I pushed a
> couple of times without it but then it stopped working again -
> complaining of its absence - perhaps I needed to remove and then
> reboot or something)

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