Thanks Marek!

That got me setup. I had a few other issues that were preventing me
from pushing (namely, git was not in my $PATH for sshd (the non
interactive shell). I added the path to .bashrc as well
as .bash_profile, and I was able to "git push".

Is there a reason for not making ./public_html/stage the main repo? I
keep seeing folks doing the --bare-init for their repo, then cloning
that and adding post-update or post-commit hooks to update the files.

On May 31, 11:46 pm, Marek Wywiał <> wrote:
> On 1 Cze, 07:30, ben <> wrote:
> > I need to add that I don't have the git-daemon on the server, it's a
> > shared host.
> > On May 31, 10:06 pm, ben <> wrote:
> > > I've created a clone (lets call it Dev) of local project (Core), and
> > > want to create a remote repo of Dev on a server (Staging) with a
> > > working tree (the actual files).
> > > How do I setup the remotes so that I can push from Dev to Staging?
> > > Is this the wrong way to do it? Should I also have a bare repo on the
> > > server as origin for everything, then just checkout a staging branch
> > > when in Staging?
> > > The catch here is that I've created Core locally, so I can start a new
> > > project and have all the benefits of Core, and get updates by pulling
> > > when Core itself is updated.
> on the remote server (prod) create remote repo by:
>   mkdir -p src/myapp.git
>   cd src/myapp.git
>   git --bare init
> on your local repo add remote with name 'stage' (you can use any
> name):
>   git remote add stage ssh://u...@host:src/myapp.git
> then you push from local to repo to just defined remote repo:
>   git push stage master # or other branch/tag
> now on remote server you can checkout from remote repo:
>   git clone src/myapp.git ./public_html
> and try some automatic, into src/myapp.git/hooks/post-update put:
>   #!/bin/sh
>   unset GIT_DIR
>   cd ~/public_html
>   git pull
> so after 'git push stage sometag.branch' it'll be auto updated at ~/
> public_html
> i got this information from:
> in Polish

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