Looks like git just pissed away all my work for the last two months.

I was doing everything like I normally do. I made my changes,
committed and 'git push origin master'. Everything looked good. Git
told me "Everything up-to-date". But... I went over to the project's
github page (http://github.com/proutils/qed) and noticed that nothing
has been pushed. How is "Everything up-to-date" if none of my changes
are there?

I was very confused and could only assume something was amiss with
GitHub. So I put in a ticket. In reply I was asked what branch I was
on). I'm the lone developer on this so I was on master.... or so I
thought. I went to check just in case and discovered I was on
something called "(no branch)".

  tr...@logisys:qed$ git branch
  * (no branch)

What the hell is that? Where did it come from? And why?

Now the kicker. I figured "strange, but no big deal" I switched back
to master and was about to pull in "(no branch)", only to discover
that "(no-branch)" was GONE! Nata, nothing. Not a word out of git
about it. It's just not there and all my commits since April 7th have

Someone please tell me there is some hope for getting them back.

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