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> It seems tags are not pushed automatically.
> I thought it would be the natural thing to do.
No more natural than automatically pushing every branch you ever
create locally.
Git is distributed which means it does not require any "remote" part
at all.
Anything you create in your repo is yours and will not be published
anywhere until you excplcitly take actions to do so. Having local (and
throw-away) tags is not more uncommon than having local (and throw-
away) branches which you won't ever push anywhere.
Quite possibly you're deceived by using the `git push` command with no
arguments which seemingly "does magic" and decides what to push for
you; this is, well, deceiving in some way. Possibly you should re-read
git-push manual and look for examples there.

If you're looking for a way to reliably "back up" your whole
repository, or a way to maintan exact repositories on several machines
via a single server, consider using `git push --mirror`.

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