On Jun 7, 5:50 pm, Jacob Helwig <jacob.hel...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 7, 2010 at 14:48, Trans <transf...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > On Jun 7, 5:31 pm, Jacob Helwig <jacob.hel...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> You're probably best off reverting the commit(s) that brought in the
> >> changes you don't want, before merging in your changes.  Your merge
> >> will then be able to go forward as though the other changes had never
> >> happened.
> > Ok thanks. So I should move my changes into a separate branch, pull
> > down his, then revert to where my branch diverged from his and then
> > merge my branch. Cool. Only one last question, what's command do you
> > use to reverting to a prior state?
> For the method I'm suggesting, it's `git revert $commit-sha1`, you'll
> need to do it for each commit that you want to get rid of.

Sigh. I have no idea what I am doing.

I am on master and first thing I did is move my current changes to
another branch:

  $ git branch loaderrors

Then I reverted my changes

  $git revert f2f46338ba

So that got rid of my changes. And put things back to where our repos
were the last the same. Then...

  $git pull upstream master

And that pulled down my friends changes fine. So then I revert those,
but it gives me an error...

  $ git revert 12b52f5e9
  fatal: Commit 12b52f5e9ae71cef8ffb69d6262bb70eafd79a81 is a merge
but no -m option was given.

I am not sure what the means but I assumed it was one commit so,

  $git revert -m 1 12b52f5e9

That seem to put things back (once again) to where our repos were last
the same. My log looks like this:

  tr...@logisys:turn$ git log
  commit 38c91d154c283b8afba0b3c6ed21221e931a707d
  Author: 7rans <transf...@gmail.com>
  Date:   Mon Jun 7 18:40:39 2010 -0400

      Revert "Merge branch 'master' of g...@github.com:TwP/turn"

      This reverts commit 12b52f5e9ae71cef8ffb69d6262bb70eafd79a81.

  commit 12b52f5e9ae71cef8ffb69d6262bb70eafd79a81
  Merge: d466d2f... 6083c24...
  Author: 7rans <transf...@gmail.com>
  Date:   Mon Jun 7 18:38:37 2010 -0400

      Merge branch 'master' of g...@github.com:TwP/turn

  commit d466d2f058511a112cfae10cbce83bc492710724
  Author: 7rans <transf...@gmail.com>
  Date:   Mon Jun 7 18:37:25 2010 -0400

      Revert "fix load errors caused by testing turn when not

      This reverts commit f2f46338baf0186d0de5f6217a74c7346d7fac30.

  commit f2f46338baf0186d0de5f6217a74c7346d7fac30
  Author: 7rans <transf...@gmail.com>
  Date:   Mon Jun 7 18:28:55 2010 -0400

      fix load errors caused by testing turn when not installed

Ok. So now I try to merge my changes in the loaderrors branch:

  $ git merge loaderrors
  Already up-to-date.

How is it already up-to-date? It's not at all up-to-date.

Some how, none of this seems right to me. Why would I want to commit
an uncommit? Let alone twice. I just want them to be gone altogether.

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