Indeed, this is clearly a CRLF problem, as simply adding the files to staging produces:

$ git add .
warning: CRLF will be replaced by LF in public/javascripts/tiny_mce/plugins/advhr/css/advhr.css.
....<repeat 288 times>

How these files with CRLF were introduced into the repository, I have no idea, as the three developers with access all use Macs or Linux, and most of the files have never been edited. I'm going to just put them back into the repository with the proper line termination.

The mystery of how one has 288 changed files upon cloning the repository is cleared up by realizing that these files were converted to LF representation upon extraction from the repository where they had CRLF to terminate lines. Immediately upon birth they are changed! Checking them out again only repeats the conversion process, leaving the situation unchanged.

While I did not explicitly set .gitattributes, this line sets up CRLF conversion as I believe the system has behaved:

git config --global core.autocrlf input

This setup should leave you with CRLF endings in Windows checkouts but LF endings on Mac and Linux
systems and in the repository.

Thanks for the help.


At 10:39 AM 6/8/2010, you wrote:
On Mon, Jun 07, 2010 at 04:01:42PM -0700, Scott O wrote:
> If I clone the repository anew, it shows about 100 files as changed in
> the master branch (different branch from above). Most of these are
> plugin or javascript files that we have not edited. This is a newly
> cloned local repository. Same behavior by reset --hard and checkout as
> above: no effect. Here's reset:

Do you get any useful git diff output ?

It could be a line endings issue - didn't someone commit wrong line
endings? Do you have some explicit line endings configuration either for
the repository or in the tree .gitattributes file?

                                Petr "Pasky" Baudis
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