> Also (and I'm using our own swdev process as a guide, so this might
> not really transfer to your use case), why does the output of make
> dist get checked into git? I think most people create a build from
> git, then make dist from the build, then distribute the dist. It
> somehow does not "feel right'" that the output of make dist gets
> checked into git.
> -P

The issue here is that the .po files are partially human-generated and
partially machine-generated.  Basically, the gettext software creates
a template file containing all the strings to be translated.  The
human translators then edit this template into a .po file for each
language.  So, the .po files have to go into git.

However, as the underlying program is modified, additional
translatable strings may be added.  So, the .po files also get
modified, and the date of the latest check for new strings is put into
the file so the human translators can see if the template is current.
It isn't quite the same issue as a file modification timestamp.



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