I'm maintaining a fork of an active opensource project. It has to stay
a fork because we have a lot of custom patches that don't make much
sense outside of our own environment.

Upstream is using SVN version control with the following layout:

Stable branch
Old stable branches (not interesting)
Trunk branch
Several "feature" branches (ipv6, kerberos...)

Branches are manually synchronized

In my fork I have to provide three branches:


Now the issue is how to do this effectively. My current state is a
Development branch regularly merged with the current upstreams stable

Problem with this approach is incredible amount of work required to
create patches for upstream.

The logical thing would be to keep a rebased version of my branches on
top of Trunk and Stable upstream branches, but I don't know how I
would maintain my local public branches. Plus rebasing takes a lot of
time and can create weird code errors which are hard to find in large

Thx for any hints
Mgr. Simon Toth

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