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> I tried to push my tags for the first time and an old tag is throwing
> an error:
>   $ git push --tags
>   To g...@github.com:proutils/vclog.git
>    ! [rejected]        1.4.0 -> 1.4.0 (non-fast forward)
>   error: failed to push some refs to '....@github.com:proutils/
> vclog.git'
> But my current tag is 1.7.0. What's going here> 1.4.0 is old. How do I
> fix this?

First of all, Git has no such concept as "current tag". A tag is
simply a file which contains the name of a certain existing commit.
Tags do not move between commits; they are "sticky" (to the commits
they point to).

When you do `git push --tags`, git tries to push all local tags from
your local repository to the remote repository; any tags which are
missing on the remote side are created there and any tags which point
to different commits are meant to be replaced.

Now, to be honest, I don't quite get what happens in your case: I
always thought updating of tags cannot be rejected, and the concept of
"fast-forward" does only apply to merges and pushing of branches. So,
to me, this error message appears to be nonsensical.

But I have one idea for you to explore: github may have certain hooks
set up which prevent replacement of tags. That is, tags may be kind of
read-only. I'm not sure if it at all possible but this would explain
your problem. You can do several things to cope with this:
a) Fetching from remote overwrites local tags unless you tell `git
fetch` not to. Hence you can try to do `git fetch` and then retry your
b) You can try to do `git push --tags --force` and see if this will
forcibly overwrite remote tags.
c) You can try to delete the remote tag using `git push origin :
1.4.0`  followed by `git push --tags`.

What to do depends on what repo you think is correct.

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