On Jul 4, 6:50 pm, KaibutsuX <sean.gri...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm committing some selenium tests for departmental use and the first
> file is a login script which has two fields for user and password. I'm
> committing them with some default junk values, but I would like to
> have everyone pull the script and the following files but be able to
> change the login script with their own values without git thinking it
> is a change that has to be tracked.
> I guess the simplest way would be to have everyone pull it, then add
> that file to the ignore list. Then if I ever want to add more to the
> login script I would unignore it and then commit it, then readd it to
> the ignore list.
> Or another method might be to tell git to not track these two lines of
> the login file only or maybe just not track the first n lines.
> Are either of these methods possible with git?

Possibly you should look at "git attributes" which provide a way to
change any file before it is written to the working directory or when
it is read from it.
I don't really know how it interacts with `git status` and friends


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