I have a setup that may be a little bit unusual. Here's the story:

A while ago, I began developing a small Python application, intended
to run on my Windows Mobile 5 PDA. I knew nothing about versioning
systems, nor about Git, so I was just developing the... well, "blind"
way. Everything went fine, I ended up with a working piece of
software, which I copied to my PDA and used it. Obviously, sometimes I
find bugs, or I want to add new features. After learning about VCSes
and became familiar with Git, I imagined I could create a repository
on the PDA as a "remote" repo, and have another one on the computer
(my laptop running Fedora 12). Then I could make changes on both
devices (yes, sometimes I edit the source right on the PDA, for quick
hacks or fixes) and sync them with pushes and pulls.

Now the real problem appeared when I tried to "git init" on the PDA.
Normally, I accessed the source folder on the PDA using ObexFS, which
mounts a folder via Bluetooth. I set it to mount that folder in /home/
camil/RSHPRX (the name of my PDA). But when I open a terminal there,
and run "git init", it stays idle for a while (Bluetooth is slow, of
course), then outputs the following:

[ca...@rshp RSHPRX]$ git init
error: could not lock config file /home/camil/RSHPRX/.git/config: File
error: could not lock config file /home/camil/RSHPRX/.git/config: File
error: could not lock config file /home/camil/RSHPRX/.git/config: File
error: could not lock config file /home/camil/RSHPRX/.git/config: File
Initialized empty Git repository in /home/camil/RSHPRX/.git/

The folder now indeed contains a .git folder that appears to be OK on
the inside. But when I try a "git status", I get this:

[ca...@rshp RSHPRX]$ git status
fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

I unmounted and remounted the folder, but no changes. The .git folder
is always there, but Git can't see it? When the PDA folder is mounted,
I become the owner of the files inside it, and they all have -rw-r--
r-- permissions (folders get drwxr-xr-x). It doesn't look like a
permission problem.

Does anyone have an idea?


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