On Jul 22, 8:38 pm, Roddie Grant <gitl...@myword.co.uk> wrote:

> On branch combo, I've trying to merge thus:
> $ git merge dev/cola_moss
> But I get
> CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in site/configs/site.cnfg
> I resolve the conflict, but then when I try "git ci" I get
> site/configs/site.cnfg: needs merge
> site/configs/site.cnfg: unmerged (3282b400086bf54f4357625769d8f1d1a1d28239)
> site/configs/site.cnfg: unmerged (bcc554eedc46ec703261e504cfa995badcff31f3)
> site/configs/site.cnfg: unmerged (d903558e68b8e7177b9e9e08457907d12c91cf5f)
> error: Error building trees
> Nothing I try lets me move on - I just get messages about not be able to do
> so-and-so during a merge. How do I complete the merge?

How do you resolve the conflict?
What does `git status` show to you after you have resolved the

To me, it looks like you forgot to `git add` the file after actually
fixing the conflict. See [1].


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