On Jul 27, 5:48 pm, misha680 <misha...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If I do something like:
> git reset HEAD^
> my commit becomes non-empty, but then I am obviously on a different
> commit when I do
> git commit --amend

Sorry I was wrong to suggest to do 'git reset'. In fact 'git reset
HEAD^' is the right thing to do.

Assuming you had commits ABCD (D being HEAD), when git pauses for you
edit commit C the conditions are that you just made the commit C and
both your index and working directory are clean. So it's no surprise
that 'git reset' does nothing. When you do 'git reset HEAD^', you
basically resets your index to that of B, and diff of B and C leaves
your working directory dirty so that you can make the next commit
which would replace C.


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