When going through several articles/tutorials about git I see the
following being done for the initial push to a new branch:

git push origin branchname:refs/heads/branchname

Is this necessary for subsequent pushes or does "git push" do the same
thing?  I just tested this with a couple of dummy repo's and it seems
to do the same thing.  I've actually been doing this each time I need
to add/push something new to branches that aren't touched by

** add files **
git add .
git commit -am "added foo"
git push origin branchname:refs/heads/branchname

** checkout branch that is worked on and pull new data from branchname
git checkout devbranch
git pull . branchname
git push origin devbranch:refs/heads/devbranch

So, if anyone could clarify this for me that would be awesome :)



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