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> I have only used git for basic stuff, so I hope this makes sense....
> Say I create a very small CSS framework and put it in a git
> repository.
> If I want to use the framework in a new website, then I think the best
> way is to clone the git repository, so there is a copy of the
> framework in the website's directory.
> What happens if I update the CSS framework and want the website to
> have the most recent version - is there a git command that I could run
> that would update all the files in the cloned repository?
> I'm not sure I'd want to do this, but what if I improved the cloned
> version and wanted these changes in the original?

You do `git pull` in the cloned repository. See the git-pull man page.

> Sorry if these are really basic questions!
Yes, the question is basic; reading a book on Git is advised. Or at
least a lengthy tutorial.

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