Hi, you all :)

I've just started using git last week, and I am still learning a lot. This
means I am still messing with my trees a lot, too :)

I am trying to mantain a Wordpress website. So I want to use git to keep my
wordpress installation up-to-date, as described in this post (
I am using git in a private and offline repo.

At the same time, I am developing mainly two plugins for this site. They are
kept in the sub-dirs /plugins/feed and /plugins/site-list.

What I did until now is:
> cd /wordpress
> git init
> git add .
> git commit -m 'wordpress 2.9.2'

No problem here, until now.

My question is regarding the plugins in development: what is the best way to
track them inside this dir using git? I was thinking about making two dev
branches, one for the feed plugin and another for the site-list plugin, so I
can develop them separatedly. The problem is: I have no idea how I can keep
my main wordpress installation up-to-date with the changes in both plugins,
once they are tested and commited.

Any ideas, tips, whatever? :)

Thanks a lot!

Daniel Trezub

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