> git checkout -b VTK-GraphConversions origin/VTK-GraphConversions

I don't believe that will setup the upstream configuration.  If you will 
usually be pushing and pulling from this remote branch, you may want to use the 
--track option.  If you use the --track option, you can also omit the -b option 
and it will derive the name of the new branch from the remote name.

git checkout --track origin/VTK-GraphConversions

Alternatively if you feel you will be doing this a lot, you can git config the 
branch.autosetupmerge option.

If you are also going to be creating new branches and publishing them upstream, 
you may want to look into the git-publish-branch tool over at 
http://git-wt-commit.rubyforge.org.  It's a nice intuitive shortcut.


On Aug 16, 2010, at 10:18 AM, Michael P. Soulier wrote:

> David Doria wrote:
>> git checkout remotes/origin/VTK-GraphConversions
> Don't check out remote branches, create your own based on them.
> git checkout -b VTK-GraphConversions origin/VTK-GraphConversions
> Mike

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