I downloaded a bundle which I cloned from.
Unfortunately the person who made the bundle had made some unstaged
I tried to pull, but it gave me an error about the changes
So i used git reset --hard and I tried to pull again and got the exact
same error.. (Git diff also shows the files are edited, presumably by
the guy who made the bundle)

The GIT GUI showed 3 files which had 'unstaged' changes (the files
which caused the aforementioned error in the shell. So I reverted the
changes from within the GUI and the list of files with changes now
became empty..

So I quit the GIT GUI and restarted it again, only to see the same 3
files back on the list, with the changes somehow 'unreverted'
I modified the folder preferences in Windows explorer and removed the
'Read only' option

Tried reverting again, still the files come back with the same

Also tried in GIT Bash :

git checkout .  (dot)

and seperately,

git reset --hard

Still doesn't work

For some reason GIT is not able to revert changes to files
permanently ..
What might be the reason?

Please help!

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