Thank you, Konstantin.
Here's a brief explanation to "git push [remote] :[branch]" syntax: => "Deleting Remote Branches"

On Sep 15, 11:49 pm, Konstantin Khomoutov <> wrote:
> On Sep 15, 5:41 pm, Roddie Grant <> wrote:
> > With a moment's inattention I typed
> > git push test databaseTests:refs/remotes/dev/databaseTsts
> > instead of
> > git push test databaseTests:refs/remotes/dev/databaseTests
> > and now in the test repos the listing from git br -a includes
> > remotes/dev/databaseTsts
> > git br -d remotes/dev/databaseTsts
> > results in
> > error: branch 'remotes/dev/databaseTsts' not found.
> > How do I delete the mis-named branch?
> git-branch only operates on local branches and any tinkering with
> remotes goes via git-push.
> To rename a wrongly-named remote branch delete it and push under a
> correct name; deleting is done by pushing an empty refspect (see the
> git-push manual).
> Hence do this:
> $ git push test :databaseTsts databaseTests
> this will a) delete a remote object named "databaseTsts"; b) push a
> local object "databaseTests" to the same named remote object.
> Note that you don't really understand why do you need that "refs/
> remotes/dev/" prefix -- git usually does just the right thing when you
> supply short names to git-push.

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