maybe some script sit between git and the proxy, just strip off all
the "Expect" header?
is there such kind of utility program out of box?


On Oct 7, 12:22 am, James Fang <> wrote:
> our company provide internet access for us using proxy,
> but after configured http.proxy, i am keeping get HTTP code 417
> After a little google, i guess it's because the libcurl that git
> use sent the "Expect: 100-continue" header, which the proxy(i guess a
> Squid)
> does not understand and reply with 417: Expection failed.
> I can not change the proxy setting, so below are my questions:
> 1) can i disable the Expect header of libcurl?
>    i know i can use -H option of curl(the binary), but seems git/
> libcurl does not
>    support this option.
> 2) or how can i get around this problem without do anything with the
> proxy ?
> Thanks in advance,

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