> Very interesting.
> What happens if you clone on the same host?
> $ cd /tmp/foo
> $ git clone /path/to/test
> or
> $ git clone file:///path/to/test
> ?
> If it fails, try looking at `git fsck`.

On the local side, git clone works and git fsck only indicate some
dandling blob and commits (that's my bad habit of doing git reset
--hard HEAD^ ;)). On the remote machine :
broken link from    tree 869a1d54960d405d661e747c1c056a59cc8d2e9b
              to    blob 719d3089ebb11eba608b13070c4e35be5e3969d6
missing blob 719d3089ebb11eba608b13070c4e35be5e3969d6

But it’s an old version of git on the remote machine ( — I’m not
the admininstrator and he’s not willing to upgrade. 

I said that there’s no problem with the local machine, but it’s only
for cloning. The problematic directory also has problems here :
$ git ls-tree master
160000 commit 719d3089ebb11eba608b13070c4e35be5e3969d6  DesktopChaos

The interesting part is :
 - 160000 for a directory. It’s the only directory with this mode. I
   don’t know what it means though.
 - the directory is a blob for git
 - the directory is a commit for git 1.7.3

The commit that introduced the problematic directory is
f3ef8b57e8e71b44c9c669d32b16faf82c643fce. git log on the remote side
gives up with:
fatal: corrupt tree sha 719d3089ebb11eba608b13070c4e35be5e3969d6

On the local side, better luck:
diff --git a/htdocs/themes/DesktopChaos b/htdocs/themes/DesktopChaos
new file mode 160000
index 0000000..719d308
--- /dev/null
+++ b/htdocs/themes/DesktopChaos
@@ -0,0 +1 @@
+Subproject commit 719d3089ebb11eba608b13070c4e35be5e3969d6

But I don’t remember creating a subproject. In fact, I don’t even know
what is a subproject under git :)

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